Back in the Game - Restore function and maintain an active lifestyle!

Dear Fellow Mature Adult and Baby Boomers,

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle should be everyone's goal. Healthy behaviors reap tremendous rewards in disease and injury prevention. Aging doesn't have to mean inactivity and dysfunction. Is your goal to remain physically active? If so, let me help you restore and maintain your lifestyle through my specialized exercise programs.

With 30 years of experience working with all age groups, I strive to return people to their previous levels of function.

Resting, medication, and bracing are often prescribed with marginal results.  Addressing problem areas through restorative exercise is the key to returning to an active lifestyle. My business is committed to keeping mature adults independent and involved in activity.

I have affordable individualized exercise programs and flexible schedules. Are problem areas such as backs, shoulders, knees or arthritis restricting your activity? Get specific. Get healthy. Get back in the game.

Discounted Fee Structure for Affordable Care

FEE SUMMARY CHART (Click here to pay or any fee box below)

Initial Evaluation
One hour assessment
Includes:Online Exercise Program

Individual Session
One hour session includes custom exercise recommendations & hands-on work as needed

Custom Online Exercise Program
15 minute phone consultation to  evaluate your needs.Than design a  program specifically for you.Our service will include online video and downloadable exercise instructions.
Introductory Special!
Only $25
"Limited time offer" 
"Travel to You" Service
Studio appointment also available.
 Angelo will come to a location of your choice. A 6x8 foot minimum space is needed for portable table set-up.
Mon-Sat by appointment.
15 Miles Free
15 to 20 Miles $10
15 to 35 Miles $20
35 to 50 Miles $40
 Customized Equipment Plan, Purchase, and Installation
Angelo can custom design an exercise equipment lay-out, purchase the equipment at a discount, and have it installed at your location. 

Fees are structured for self-pay. No insurance accepted.


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